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The Bunker (underneath Waterloo station)

Evan took me to watch Beth Steel’s play Ditch in the Old Vic Tunnels, underneath Waterloo station. It was a good play, but it was the venue that really captured my imagination – dark, eerie brick tunnels with trains rumbling overhead – it was really spooky and sinister. The highlight for me, though, was the bar. (No surprises there then!)  Called THE BUNKER, it’s tucked away down a side tunnel, and completely furnished with vintage furniture and accessories. It’s amazing.

The bar itself is made of reclaimed doors, while the wall behind features glass cabinets filled with curiosities such as spooky old dolls – all very creepy but very cool, too!

Check out the vintage mirrors, collection of framed photographs and mismatched chairs – so cool.

There were some fabulous installations to walk through before the play to get you in the mood. The floating tree was particularly spectacular.

The entrance to the Old Vic Tunnels is so discreet – just a scummy-looking graffiti-covered metal door down an alley – but lurking behind it is a warren – and the coolest bar in London by far! Sadly, it’s private so you have to have a ticket to a production to experience the joys of this funky venue.


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