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The joy of the Hipstamatic app!

At the weekend, Evan showed me the coolest iPhone app EVER for vintage freaks like you and me. Hipstamatic. (If you’ve already got this app, stop reading now and I’m sorry for being five months behind! If not, read on…) It gives your iPhone digital photos an analog look by turning the phone into a vintage camera, complete with films, lenses and retro effects – you even have an annoyingly small view-finder and you have to wait for the photos to develop and print! Now, Evan uses it to take arty shots of mountain bikes and people in the pub. But I use it to take photos of vintage stuff around my house…and it gives everything such a funky 1960s flavour, I’m HOOKED:

Oh, this makes me so happy. There’s a massive Hipstamatic Flickr group well worth checking out. Even a rubbish photographer (like myself) can get such super duper results – everything just looks amazing. Especially in black and white. I also think that people look a lot nicer (!) when the edges are slightly blurry – we’re so used to the harsh reality of digital, this softer view of the world is a welcome and refreshing change!